Sunday Morning Service


Written By:  Tyeisha Colley

Preached By:  Pastor Marcus Young (See Service For Video)

Date: June 15, 2014

​                                  Keep Moving

Have you ever felt like giving up?

Have you ever counted yourself out

before others had the chance to? Have you forgotten where God has brought you from? In today’s sermon titled “keep going,”we are inspired to keep going despite those things that have had us bound in the past. Taken from 

Psalm 37:23-25,we are reminded that it is God who orders our steps.  There have been times that we did not do as God has instructed and we faced hardships. Then there were times that we did do as God instructed and we still faced hardships. Nevertheless, He brought us through each time. Each storm that we have faced was not to break us down, rather to build us up and prepare us for the harvest He has in store for us. In the midst of everything that we have been through, it is good to know that God will never leave for nor forsake us. Because our steps are ordered by the Lord, we can keep going forward. Nothing that we have been through will be wasted. God has a plan for our life. Despite trials, tribulations, pain, mistakes, and failures, God is still able to do all that we could ever ask or think. Choose to build a relationship with God and make Him your best friend. Follow in the steps of Job. Though Job lost everything including his family, children, possessions, cattle, and part of his health, He did not lose faith in God. Even when his wife thought it was better for him to curse God and die, Job knew that God was in total control and that his steps were ordered. Don’t give up on God. Build your hope on things eternal for everything on this earth shall pass away but God’s word is forever. On this day allow Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, to rule in your life as you “keep moving” forward in life. Without Him you have nothing, but with Him you have everything.  

Written By:  Tyeisha Colley

Preached By:  Pastor Marcus Young (See Service For Video)

Date: June 22, 2014


There are times in our lives when we can be thankful and say “Thank you Lord, I have not done this,” or “Thank You God that I never went through that.” It is necessary to thank God for situations that we have not been through. While we may not be going through some of the things that we see others going through, there is one thing that keeps us linked to those very people; we too are bound by something that keeps us from experiencing true freedom. Some may not want to admit it but we all have some type of issue that we face whether it be in our finances, marriage, family, health, job, etc. Then there are some that are simply bound by their spiritual walk with Christ. Often times we allow a variety of outsides things to keep us from being as close to Christ as we should be. When this happens we become enslaved to those things. In today’s message taken from John 11:38-44, Pastor Young delivered a powerful message letting the people know that it’s “Time to be set free”.

In the passage, Martha and Mary are mourning the loss of their brother Lazarus. We see that Martha goes out to meet Jesus and tells Him that if He had been there Lazarus would not have died. Have you ever blamed God for the way events turned out in your life? Maybe not verbally but sometimes our reactions to situations let God know that we have lost faith in Him. Pastor Young went on to explain that there are times that God will allow us to go through certain things to see how we will react. As we grow in Christ, so must our faith. If our faith is not growing, it is time to do a self-evaluation and find those things that have us bound. We cannot reach higher heights if we allow every attack of the enemy to knock us down.

The dictionary defines bound as: in bonds or chains; tied with or as if with rope: a bound prisoner restricted; confined. God wants us to experience true freedom in Him. We have been bound long enough and it is time for us to take off everything that has us bound today. Jesus told them to take off the grave clothes off of Lazarus and to let him go. Grave clothes are intended for people who are dead and have no hope of living. If you are ready to be set free from everything that has had you bound, declare that today is a new day! From your heart pray this simple prayer, “Lord I thank you for sending your Son Jesus to die for me. He died so that I can live. Lord on this day I am choosing to live the life that you would have me to live. Lord I need you to direct my path each and every day. I need you to come into my life. Free me from everything that has had me bound. I want to live for you. Free me from the grave clothes that restrict me from being the servant you have called me to be. In Jesus’s name, Amen.” Be freed on today.

Written By:  Tyeisha Colley

If you can see it, you can believe it!

Look and around you. Examine the people in your life; your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, your family. The people that you see each and every day could be the very ones plotting your downfall. Nevertheless, don’t worry because one of the greatest and priceless benefits of being covered by the blood is favor. In Sunday’s message, we walked a mile with Joseph. The title, taken from Genesis 37:3-5, 19-24, gave some much needed inspiration and motivation.

Joseph was a humble shepherd that captured his father’s heart. His father loved him and treasured him causing his brothers to envy him. They had nothing good to say about him and hated to be in his presence. Even when God began to give Joseph dreams, they despised him even more. In return, the brothers planned to kill him. They planned to destroy him and cancel every dream Joseph had forewarned them about. Like Joseph, God has given His people dreams and visions that have the enemy trying his best to stop. The very ones that were supposed to be encouraging Joseph were the ones to throw him in a pit left to die but when God has a plan for your life, no matter what the enemy plans, no weapon formed against his people shall prosper.

Not only did Joseph live despite being thrown in a dry place; his dreams came to pass. When the famine hit, Joseph’s brothers had to come to him and bow to him. Given the opportunity to turn his back on the people who hurt him and tore him from his father, he chose to bless them.

As the word ministered to the people, Pastor Young inspired the people to go after the dreams, visions, and goals that God planted within. We cannot allow the enemy to pluck out what God has given us. If God said it, we can believe it. If we can see it, then we can trust that it will come to past no matter what devil tries to detour us. Dream big! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! This verse lets you know that you will get weak along the way but God is able to pick us up and carry us when our strength isn’t enough. Be encouraged and be blessed!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for every dream, for every vision that you have given me. Forgive me for allowing those dreams and vision to lay dormant. I pray that you resurrect them right now. Lord I pray that you give new revelations and reveal to me the things that I have forgotten. Arise in me oh Lord so that I can be used by you. Lord, strengthen me where I am weak and build me up where I have been torn down so that when the enemy attacks, I will be able to stand firmly on Your word and Your promises. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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