Deacon's Ministry
Deacons are called by God, authorized by the church, and ordained by a bishop or pastor to a lifetime ministry of Word and Service to both the community and the congregation in a ministry that connects the two. We exemplify Christian discipleship, we create opportunities for others to enter into discipleship, and connect the needs and hurts of the people with the church.

We, as Deacons of Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, are called to a lifetime of servanthood and  leadership. In the church’s life we give leadership:

  •  in the teaching and proclamation of the Word in worship and
  •  in assisting the elders in the administration of the sacraments of  baptism and the Lord’s Supper
  • in forming and nurturing disciples
  • in conducting marriages and burying the dead
  • in the congregation’s mission to the world and in leading the congregation
  • in interpreting the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world

It is an honor and great joy of ours to serve God and his people.  We hope that one day you will join us for worship.  We feel as if you are already a part of the Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Family.  If you ever need us for anything please contact us or contact persons are below:

Telephone:  (706) 343-1242

Chairman:  Deacon Stacey Favors

Assistant Chairman:  Deacon Willie Crutchfield

Secretary:  Deacon Jimmy Ingram